The Atrium

The Atrium, is the main hall located on level eight of the Ministry. The Atrium is your solution for any products like the Daily Prophet subscription or even a small Chocolate Frog for the day. We have a selection of things to buy here so stop on over before heading to your department.

Welcome to the Ministry of MagicEdit

Security Safety done by our Magical Law Enforcement Patrol

One is able to go directly to office or explore our new addition, Stands, in which you can buy goods.


Level One-Minister for Magic and Support Staff

Level Two-Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Level Three-Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

Level Four-Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

Level Five-Department of International Magical Cooperation

Level Six-Department of Magical Transportation

Level Seven-Department of Magical Games and Sports

Level Nine-Department of Mysteries(Wizengamot Courtrooms are Stairway Access Only)

Daily Prophet Subscription StandEdit

The Daily Prophet Subscription is needed to receive access to the Daily Prophet newspaper. Ask for newspaper subscription in the comments(*remember to include your money bag). Stand and Employees come from original shop, The Daily Prophets Main Office, in Diagon Alley.

Daily prophet

Daily Prophet Subscription only for 2 Sickles

"Ladies and Gentleman, come on over to get your subscription to the Daily Prophet. Get the juicy news on what is happening in the Wizarding World, or what about Quidditch games happening in your area. Don't miss out get your subscription today!"

-Salesman in Daily Prophet Subscription Stand

Scribbulus Writing Implements StandEdit


Buy this Ink Bottle for only 4 Knuts.

Scribbulus Writing Implements Stand is a stand which sells writing equipment for the witch or wizard which has run out and can not go to the actual shop. If you wish any of these products ask for them in the comments(*with your money puch) in which a representative will place a picture in your requested place(*when asking for product give link to where you want representative to paste signifying that it is yours). Stand and Employees come from original shop, Scribbulus Writing Implements, in Diagon Alley.


Buy this Incredibly Strong Parchment for only 2 Knuts.


Buy this Efficient Quill for only 2 Knuts.

"Good Morning, everyone. Have you all gotten your bottle of ink for the day? Are you trying to work with that old broken quill? Well stop the madness, and come on over to get your office supplies right here" '-'Salesman in Scribbulus Writing Implements Stand

Honeydukes StandEdit

Honeydukes Stand is a stand whic sells a variety of the sweets sold at Honeydukes. If you wish to get a little snack before the biggest report of your life then go ahead. If you wish a product ask for one in the comments(*with money puch) and requested place(*when asking for product give link to where you want the product at signifying it is yours). Stand and Employees come from original shop, Honeydukes, in Hogsmeade.

Bertie Beans

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean for only 7 Knuts.

Chocolate Frog1

Our sweet Chocolate Frogs for only 5 Knuts.

Crystallized pineapple

Our Crystalized Pineapple for only 4 Knuts.

Does it not tingle sweetly at the deepness of your heart? Does it not make you feel like a child once more, without any worries of reports or papers? Buy Honeydukes and we promise it will sink not just into your mouth but into your heart!" -Salesman in Honeydukes Stand
Cauldron Cake

Our delicious Cauldron Cakes for only 4 Knuts.

Complete Menu:

Acid Pop- 1 Knut Chocolate Cauldron- 2 Knuts Chocolate Wand - 1 Knut Exploding BonBons- 2 Knuts Pink Coconut Ice- 1 Knut