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Hello everyone, I am Longbottom.herbology and I created this wiki so that we don't have to say goodbye to what we grew up with. This wiki is interactive in the idea where you can apply for a job with a resume(although getting the job is easy) to turning in reports of your department. Remember you can add characters to the page and apply to be a part of the experience. If you wish to open new stores or societies that will be useful just ask the minister(he is a real nice fellow). I owe many other wikis on Wikia for inspiring me and helping me like Harry Potter Wiki and Hogwarts Roleplay Wiki, but please visit them because they are awesome. Be a part of this extraordinary experience! Thanks!!

The Wizarding WorldEdit

It is the year 2020, our beloved Minister, Kingsley Shackelbolt, has just retired and with him many others. The Ministry is going through a crisis! We need new employees in every department so apply soon! One now can apply for a job create their members of their families, choose a village and register for a house. You can even travel to Diagon Alley to get goods or even go to the bank for money. You have to register for everything at the ministry so we can a file for you and give you all we offer. Although it may sound horrible, you will have to write on your wall where you are at the moment wether it's at the Ministry or at home for all your family. Wherever you work, wether you work in Diagon Alley or the Ministry you will have to check in and out. You have to do this so that your friends know when to chat(so they don't bother you at work). To perserve the wizarding world as much as possible, we will be eventually sending garden gnomes, pixies, etc. at your doorstep, so dont freak out it's just normal life. If you wish to start a seperate business, you can, just send a letter to the current minister and you will get permission. Beware, do not mess with any page unless it is yours or ,if done consistenly, you will be sent to Azkaban. It's incredible beause every time you turn in reports or sales records you get a paycheck so you can buy more stuff. We will eventually test a few people to see their actions so beware!

Minister for MagicEdit

The current Minister for Magic is Julius Stump. Since the Ministry is barely recovering and we have little to no departments, you can send your application and resume to him. *If you have any questions on different terms, just shoot me a message, I took the time to know everything in this website.

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